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"LynnRae has written an indispensable book for every newly diagnosed celiac who feels totally overwhelmed and alone. What? No Wheat? is upbeat and accurate with a great sense of humor." Elaine Monarch, Founder/Director Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF)

"I would have loved to have received this book at the doctor's office the first day I found out I had celiac disease. It would have given me reassurance that I would be okay." Jamie Kramer diagnosed at 25.

"This book is a wonderful guide for parents and children - it is packed full of good information!" Cynthia Rudert, MD Celiac Disease Specialist

"What? No Wheat? helped me understand what a friend of mine went through after being diagnosed and the major changes it made to her life. Bruce Vance

"I suggest that What? No Wheat? may be a welcome addition to every gastrointestinal office." Dr. Peter Hooberman, J.D. Gastroenterology Specialists Medical Group, California

"What? No Wheat? is a great resource for physicians, patients and their family in developing a fulfilling approach to living with celiac disease." Michael S. Shapiro MD Consultant in Gastroenterology, Mayo Clinic Scottsdale.

"LynnRae's easy to read book What? No Wheat? provides a fearless introduction to celiac disease. Her work can immediately reassure the newly diagnosed patient that there is a normal life with celiac disease." Cynthia Kupper, Executive Director, Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG)

"I laughed as I read this book even though I have been diagnosed for several years." Gloria diagnosed at 50.

"What? No Wheat? is a good reminder that one is limited by knowledge and attitude, not by their diet." Mary Schluckebier, President Celiac Sprue Association of USA, (CSA)

"I enjoyed reading What? No Wheat? I think it is a valuable contribution to the literature on a gluten-free life with added levity." Peter H.R.Green, MD Director Celiac Disease Center, Columbia University.

"An original and amusing look at a serious disease." Bette Hagman of the Gluten-Free Gourmet book series

"When I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I felt overwhelmed. With the help of books like What? No Wheat? and a local support group, my gluten free lifestyle has become second nature." Kathy Bowers diagnosed at 36.